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MOD: F1048

NEW Dome Housing: protects electronics with bomble to hang decorative items from

  •  Stainless steel lid Rustproof and rainproof
  •  Long lasting Li-Ion battery safe for air travel (Up to 12 hours when fully charged)
  •  Battery heartbeat indicator: 5 flashes = 100% full 1 flash = low battery
  •  Can be charged using the integrated micro-USB port
  •  Day/Night Energy saving feature

MOD: F10062

The Consol Solar Jar™ is primarily a reading light and portable lantern designed to outperform and replace candles and paraffin lamps. Its a fun and sustainable, alternative and affordable light source.

Decoration(s) NOT included

Weight: 0.8kgs   Width: 12cm   Height: 18cm   Depth: 12cm

MOD: P1053

A 750ml glass bottle to pair with the Solar Top™.

MOD: C0011

The aluminum shepherd spike is designed to hold a Consol Solar Jar™

Weight: 0.3kgs   Width: 1cm   Height: 120cm

MOD: F1046

The Suntoy Solar Top™ is an eco-friendly solar powered light that provides “Sunshine on a bottle”. The solar cells collect sunlight during the day, while four LED’s provide a comfortable light during the night. Ideally suited for reading, but equally versatile for many other uses. A piece of African beaded jewellery invites you to play!

Bottle(s) NOT included

1 hour of sunshine = 1 hour of light
USB Rechargable
Maximum battery capacity is 12 hours.

Weight:0.2 KGS